Filter streams

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Filter module is still young and experimental and while exporting should be safe enough, importing can be more risky for the current instance.

Current conversion


The list of base URLs leading to the Confluence instance. They are used to convert wrongly entered absoulte URL into wiki links. $descriptor.type.getName()
Convert various Confluence standards to XWiki standard (the name of the admin group, etc.) boolean
The locale of the documents java.util.Locale
The source to load the wiki from org.xwiki.filter.input.InputSource Supported formats are file:<path in server> (e.g. file:/home/myuser/target.ext) and url:<url> (e.g. url:http://myserver/some/file/to/parse.ext). When empty it read the request input stream.
The name to use for space home page java.lang.String
verbose boolean
The encoding to use when serializing XML java.lang.String
Indicate if the output XML should be formated boolean
The target where to save the content org.xwiki.filter.output.OutputTarget Supported format is file:<path in server> (e.g. file:/home/myuser/target.xml). When empty it send a file named target to the browser.
verbose boolean

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