3. csPorter for C++ 18.10 Release Notes

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Major Features

Following improvements and fixes are applied in this regular monthly release:

  1. Null reference error fixed when accessing namespace of XmlAttribute without any namespace set
  2. Fixed runtime error when setting InnerText for XmlNode with no parent XmlDocument
  3. Added missing overloads of XslCompiledTransform::Tranform() methods
  4. Behavior of XmlTextWriter class now matches such of .Net class regarding spaces and EOL symbols
  5. Fixed runtime error when assigning A object only referenced by B object to SmartPtr holding last reference to B
  6. Several potential memory leaks related to WeakPtr usage are fixed
  7. Support of several System::ComponentModel classes was added. Related API is fixed
  8. Issue with XmlTextReader::ReadString() invalidating reader if element is empty is fixed
  9. Incorrect work of Convert::ToString() function with DateTime type is fixed
  10. Translation of concatenation between string and enum types is fixed
  11. Detection of String vs bool overload is switched to fully automatic mode. CppForceStringParam attribute is still available e. g. for String vs TypeInfo cases
  12. Translation of surrogate pairs inside string literals is fixed
  13. Errors detected during Xml files parsing no longer go into stderr by default. To change this behavior, use ASPOSE_LIBXML2_ERROR_OUTPUT_CHANNEL system variable with possible values of 'stderr', 'stdout', 'debug', 'null' or 'file:<filename>'
  14. Platform checks are improved in Nuget package
  15. Fixed porter not taking config into account when translating System.Char references
  16. 64-bit integer to string conversions behavior was synchronized with .Net when it comes to trailing and leading spaces. Also, performance is improved
  17. Shorter, more convinient directory name is provided inside release package

Full List of Issues Covering all Changes in this Release

CSPORTCPP-2242Improve Nuget platform checksImprovement
CSPORTCPP-2164Remove char16_t references from porterImprovement
CSPORTCPP-2264Improve directory naming in release archiveImprovement
WORDSCPP-654libxml2 prints warnings and errors to stderrImprovement
WORDSCPP-621xmlns attribute returns NullPtr in C++Bug
WORDSCPP-625XmlNode.SetInnerText cause NullReferenceExceptionBug
WORDSCPP-609Manually implement or port XmlComparerTask
WORDSCPP-615Xml written by ported C++ has minor differences from Xml writen by .NETBug
CSPORTCPP-2182Fix SmartPtr issueBug
WORDSCPP-648XmlTextReader.ReadString() method should Call MoveToElement() internally.Bug
PDFCPP-767Fix CsToCppPorter - conversion to stringBug
WORDSCPP-532Incorrect overload selection for string literals and nullptr vs boolBug
WORDSCPP-663Incorrect porting of string literal with surrogate pairsBug
WORDSCPP-655System::Convert::ToInt32(string) can't parse string with spacesBug

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

  1. Several previously unsupported overloads of System::Xml::Xsl::XslCompiledTransform::Transform() method are added
  2. Support of the following classes is added: System::ComponentModel::AsyncCompletedEventArgs, System::ComponentClass::BackgroundWorker, System::ComponentWorker::ProgressChangedEventArgs, System::ComponentModel::RunWorkerCompletedEventArgs, System::Reflection::TargetInvocationException
  3. Support of System::Threading::WaitHandle::WaitOne(const System::TimeSpan &timeout) method is added
  4. char16_t_array type renamed to system_char_array. const_char16_t_array type renamed to const_system_char_array
  5. System::Char::IsAsciiWhiteSpace() method is added
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